We won't have a society if we destroy the environment.

Margaret Mead.

Working with Government

Since our establishment in 1993, Recovery has worked closely with New Zealand Government, providing data on our activities, as well as representing the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Recovery occupies a unique position within industry, as our corporate trustee, Refrigerant Recovery NZ Limited, has directors representing the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the motor trade automotive air conditioning sector, refrigerant wholesalers, chemical companies who manufacture and distribute refrigerants, together with the dairy industry and the retail grocers association, representing large "end users" of refrigerants.

This allows us to present a balanced view in representing the supply chain, from the importation and supply of refrigerants, through to their application and use for end users.

Recovery actively responds to Government consultations where refrigerants, the industry and the environment are affected. We endeavour to provide a balanced response as representatives of all refrigerant industry stakeholders, who have an interest in the activities of the Trust.

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