For the Pacific, climate change is not a hypothetical. It is real. And it is happening now.

Jacinda Ardern

What is product stewardship?

Product stewardship is a way for producers to collectively take responsibility for their products throughout their lifecycle in order to minimise their environmental impact.

Under this system, producers take the environmental effects of their products into account when making decisions about the production, purchase, and end-of-life of their products.

Accredited voluntary product stewardship

Recovery currently operates New Zealand’s only product stewardship scheme for synthetic refrigerants. The scheme has been running since 1993 and is accredited by the Ministry for the Environment, which means it must meet agreed KPI’s and report transparently on its performance to the ministry.

How is it funded?

Up until December 2021, Recovery was funded by an Advanced Destruction Fee (ADF) that was paid by most of the bulk refrigerant importers.

In December 2021 it was decided by the trustees that the scheme was now able to be fully funded by the Trust through emissions units earned from safely destroying the refrigerants.

The scheme funds the aggregation, transport and disposal of synthetic refrigerants deposited at specific collection points around the country.

The service is free to everyone who needs to dispose of the gases.

In addition to funding the product stewardship scheme, the Trust may fund or facilitate other activities that help achieve its vision of eliminating environmental harm from synthetic refrigerants in New Zealand.

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