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Accredited Product Stewardship

Recovery is New Zealand's single product stewardship scheme for the safe disposal of refrigerants. It is a voluntary scheme that is accredited by the Ministry for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

What is Product Stewardship?

Product stewardship is a "cradle to grave" methodology that helps reduce the environmental impact of manufactured products.

Under product stewardship schemes (PSSs), producers or manufacturers, brand owners, importers, retailers, consumers and other parties accept responsibility for the environmental effects of their products - from the time they are produced until the end of their useful life and are recycled or disposed.

There are many definitions of product stewardship, but the one of most relevance to New Zealand industry is that provided in Part 2 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, which states:

The purpose of this Part is to encourage (and, in certain circumstances, require) the people and organisations involved in the life of a product to share responsibility for


(a) ensuring there is effective reduction, reuse, recycling, or recovery of the product; and


(b) managing any environmental harm arising from the product when it becomes waste.

Product stewardship scheme participants take responsibility for the environmental effects of their products and take these costs into account when making decisions about the production, purchase and disposal of their products.

This means more efficient and responsible use of resources, rather than dealing with the waste problem at the point the product is thrown away. For some products, where they pose a high risk to the environment or human health, the PSS may focus on improving the management and ensuring appropriate disposal over recycling and reuse.

How is Recovery funded?

Recovery is funded by an Advanced Destruction Fee (ADF) that is paid by most of the bulk "Synthetic Greenhouse Gases" (SGG) refrigerant importers.

This fee funds the aggregation, transport and disposal of SGG refrigerants deposited at specific locations around the country.

The service is free to all holders of SGG refrigerants, regardless of whether the producer or holder has paid the advanced disposal fee to Recovery.

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