Frequently asked questions

Hydrofluoro Carbon, Generation 3 refrigerants such as 134a, R32, 404A and 410A.  A molecule made up of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon that have a range of GWPs anywhere from 600 to 14,800 but no ODP.  HFCs are currently being phased down in use as a result of the Kigali amendment.

Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbon, Generation 2 refrigerants such as R22 and 141b.  GWP refrigerants with a small amount of ODP associated with them.  These refrigerants are no longer able to be imported into New Zealand as a result of the Montreal Protocol.

Chloro Fluoro Carbon, Generation 1 refrigerants such as R11, R12 and R123 which have high GWP and ODP.

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