Refrigerant Recovery

To increase storage and collection capacity for the safe disposal of synthetic refrigerants, Recovery have recently added 18 new half tonne cylinders to decanting depots around the country.

The new cylinders, which arrived in New Zealand in July, have already been certified and distributed, boosting capacity for the collection of refrigerant gas by around 35%. The purchase also sees some of the older one tonne cylinders decommissioned.

In conjunction with this, Recovery have also introduced a new cylinder barcode tracking system which can be used to track both the Recovery cylinder fleet and customer cylinders.

The new Recovery Cylinder Tracking System will provide the Recovery team with real-time data on where cylinders are waiting for collection and the amount of refrigerant in each. Plus, provide daily information on total available capacity, and the location of that capacity.

The Recovery Cylinder Tracking System will keep track of cylinders sent in for decanting, ensuring the cylinders are decanted and returned as soon as is practical. Recovery will also be able to analyse and record cylinder content prior to decanting, record cylinder certification dates and much more.

“For the refrigeration businesses, the tracking system means greater visibility of their cylinders’ status, which will mean better workflow planning and improved service delivery to their own customers” says Recovery Director Lionel Rowe.

“From a Recovery perspective, both the new cylinder capacity and the tracking system will be a big help in managing capacity demands throughout New Zealand.”

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