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Refrigerant gas disposal

Working to protect what we take for granted.

Recovery New Zealand facilitates and manages refrigerant gas disposal, playing a vital role in the protection of New Zealand's fragile ozone layer and our environment, so that future generations may enjoy what we do now.

Refrigerant gases are inordinately common in kiwi homes and businesses, an essential component in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. They are also seriously harmful to the ozone layer and the environment.

We represent all sectors of the New Zealand refrigerant industry.

Operating a national refrigerant gas cylinder collection service, we aim to maximise the recovery, reclamation and safe destruction of contaminated, surplus and unwanted synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerants and, in doing so, minimise emissions into our atmosphere.

Recovered refrigerants are transported to a central, secure storage facility where they are processed and/or destroyed using cost-effective, environmentally safe technology.


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