Protecting our environment from synthetic refrigerants

Safe recovery and disposal of synthetic refrigerants

Working to protect our future from climate change.

Synthetic refrigerant gases are common in kiwi homes and businesses - they’re found in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. They keep our homes, cars, and workplaces comfortable and healthy and keep our food safe.

Some of these gases also have the potential to contribute to climate change if leaked into the atmosphere.

Recovery facilitates and manages refrigerant gas disposal, playing a vital role in reducing New Zealand's contribution to climate change, so that future generations can enjoy what we do now.

We represent all sectors of the New Zealand refrigerant industry.

Funded by industry members, our voluntary product stewardship scheme collects and safely destroys synthetic refrigerants before they can harm our environment.

We have recently applied to the Ministry for the Environment to become the Product Stewardship Organisation for a new regulated product stewardship scheme that would enable our industry to have a much bigger impact on the reduction of emissions. Find out more.


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