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The irresponsible disposal of synthetic refrigerant gases is damaging our atmosphere. Thankfully, we’re doing something about it.

From beyond Earth's ozone layer, our planet looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Within our planet’s atmosphere, however, the use of refrigerant gases, for refrigeration and air conditioning, continues to threaten earth's life-sustaining environment.

Older refrigeration and air conditioning units in New Zealand may still contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) which are chlorine-based and ozone-damaging refrigerant gases.  So it’s essential that all gases are contained and destroyed whenever an old refrigeration or air conditioning unit comes to the end of its useful life.



New Zealand, along with other countries, is phasing out all chlorine-based refrigerant gases and replacing them with alternatives, some of which are still being researched and developed. HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) are third generation gases produced in response to the phasing out of CFCs and HCFCs and can be a source of greenhouse gas emissions.

So the problem still exists, and the work of RECOVERY continues.

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