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The convenience provided by your old fridge, freezer or

air-conditioner could come at a cost.


There are some things in the home that we generally take for granted – until they break down. Like that ageing refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen. The chest freezer that’s been in the garage for years. The air conditioner that rattles a little, but still cools you in the warmer months. And when was the last time you actually turned off the air-con in your trusty old family car?

It’s easy to ignore the fact that inside all refrigeration and air conditioning equipment lies a hidden danger to our planet’s environment: synthetic refrigerant gases.  These gases are found in your home, at your supermarket, at your office and in your car. And the older the equipment the more likely that it will contain CFCs, which have been banned from importation into New Zealand since 2006.




RECOVERY plays a leading role in the containment of all unwanted refrigerants from end-of-life appliances, both domestic and industrial, by facilitating their safe collection, storage and disposal.

Consumers can also play their part by ensuring that their refrigeration equipment is properly maintained and serviced and, when replaced, is disposed of in a responsible way.